Our hope is that The DRB Church would be a community of friends engaged in gospel-centered relationships resembling the early Church (Acts 2:42). That’s why we believe it’s important for all our members to be in a DRB community group! Active participation in a community group is critical for your spiritual health as you grow in your understanding and application of God’s direction in your life.

What does a community group look like?

A community group usually consists of 7-15 DRB Church members who meet on a regular basis in someone’s home to study and discuss the Bible, pray for one another, care for one another, and do ministry together. These groups meet all across the area on various nights of the week.

How do you get connected to a community group?


If you’re interested in getting plugged in to a DRB community group, simply find an open group on the community bulletin board outside the church office and sign up!

Another way you can find out more about community groups is by contacting the office or any pastor, and they will help you find a group that best fits you. You’ll have the chance to meet community group leaders, find out which groups are launching in your area, and learn how to get connected with them.