The Meaning of Good Friday

We are all sinners.  There is not one of us who is immune to evil temptations of this world.   The Bible is clear about this in the writings of Paul in the Book of Romans (3:23) when he states “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Given this fact to the be true, and adding to that the fact that Romans 6:23 tells us that …the wages of sin is death, it is clear that all of us deserve nothing less than death and eternal separation from the creator of the universe, Elohim, our LORD.  We all belong in hell; we all deserve suffering.  Our God is a just and righteous God and as so, we deserve to be punished.
Enter Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who walked this world as a perfect and sinless example to us all.  He showed us, through example, the meaning of resisting temptation and being a picture of perfect faith.  He told us of our Father in Heaven, who loves us and desires a relationship with us.  But because we are sinners, there is separation from God.  At least there was separation, until the perfect and sinless man and God, Jesus Christ, willingly was arrested, brutally beaten and hung from a cross until He breathed his last breath.   His death signified the end of a three year long journey for Him and His disciples in which countless people were healed, heard the word of God and were baptized.
His death was for us all, as He was offered up as the sacrifice for our sins.  He died the death we should have. He took the lashes that we deserved.  That was our cross.  Our destiny.  And he saved us from it all.
This was not where it all ended.   Three days after his death on Good Friday, He resurrected from the after life, walked out of that tomb and lives to this day.  His death and covering our sins is the meaning of Good Friday.  His resurrection to life is what we celebrate on Easter Sunday. 
Praise God for Jesus Christ and for His sacrifice. Because of Him, those who profess faith in and follow Him are no longer separated from God.  Have a blessed Easter!
                                                                                    – Pastor Jeremy